Hunting in the Yorùbá Culture

Hunting is one of the oldest professions in Yorùbá land. Hunters command so much respect for their prowess in hunting down their games. Most hunters are believed to employ the use of charms such as egbé, kánòkò and àféèrí with which they stand protected from danger, they usually chant the Ìjálá during their festivals and at other social functions.

A group of Yorùbá Hunters

Ògún is believed to be the first ever recorded hunter in the Yorùbá mythology. Ever since, Hunting has been passed down from one generation to another. Hence, some families give their children names that express this profession.

Such names are Ògúnwálé, Ọdẹbíyìí, Ògúnyẹmi, Ọdẹ́wálé, Ọdẹ́gbèmí, Ọdẹ́bùnmi etc are today known and still referred to as the families of the great hunters.

Hunters are called Ọdẹ in Yorùbá language.