Yorùbá Language & Cultural Institute

Alámọ̀já Yorùbá Language and Cultural institute is an institution dedicated to teaching Yorùbá language at all learning levels. This institute was launched as part of our mission at Alámọ̀já Yorùbá to produce a unique generation of Yoruba scholars (those who will be sound speakers, writers, listeners and readers pf the language) who will also uphold the ancient values of the Yoruba tribe in belief and in practice.

We offer programs and courses in Yoruba language, culture, history, and music.  Our professional instructors are selected from among the most skilled and talented. Our institution upholds the highest standards of  Yoruba Studies, every class focuses on real-time usage. In other to achieve our goal of making our learners confident, we try to make our classes as practical as possible. Certifications are available upon completion of our courses/programs.

Check below to see the list of available programs in 2021.

Our Self-paced Courses

  • Introductory Course
  • Topic-Based Yorùbá Courses
  • Yorùbá Culture
  • Yoruba School of Ifa and Orisha Studies
  • Bata Dance School

This beginners' course is intended for anyone who wants to basic knowledge of Yorùbá language or wants to develop speaking, reading, and writing skills of Yorùbá.

Therefore, this course focuses on basic aspects
such as greetings and self-introduction and common self expressions that will be useful at various everyday instances.

Price - $100

  • Yorùbá Pronouns $30
  • Yorùbá Interrogatives $50
  • Date & Time in Yorùbá $20
  • Yorùbá Greetings $30
  • Yorùbá Tenses and Modals $40
  • Yorùbá Numerals $50
  • Time Telling in Yorùbá $20
  • Location & Directions Yorùbá $30
  • A peep into the Yorùbá World $70

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

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