Ìyá Yorùbá

Founder & CEO

Damilola Adebonojo, popularly known as Ìyá Yorùbá, is a Yoruba Language Specialist dedicated to raising a new generation of Yoruba language users and preserving Yoruba heritage.
Over the past seven years, she has tutored hundreds of Yoruba language learners from different parts of the world and has worked on translation and curriculum planning projects.
She started Alamoja Yoruba in January 2017 as a brand known as Yorùbá Dìrọ̀rùn before renaming and incorporating it in July 2018.
Ìyá Yorùbá is well-experienced in teaching individuals of all ages how to communicate effectively in the Yoruba Language.
She is a Fulbright Fellow and a Doctoral student of Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies at the University of Georgia.

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (honors) in Yoruba and Communication Arts | Master of Arts in Yoruba Literature and Culture | Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies (Ongoing).

  • Athens, GA United States
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