Our Yorùbá beginner school is open to everyone with zero understanding of Yorùbá language. Our curriculum is developed by certified Yorùbá Language professionals who are not just native speakers. It covers useful conversational phrases, common expressions and every important topics to learn at the beginner level.

The group Classes hold once weekly, every Saturdays. You can also opt for a personalized class plan where you get to decide what day of the week you would like to take your classes. 

👇🏾See what some of our students from the first set have to say about the classes👇🏾

It has been pretty good so far. The Yoruba lessons have been good, it has helped me a lot especially with learning how to pronounce words better and writing.

T. Adejuwon


The class is comprehensive and enjoyable. Our teacher stays on task but also incorporates students’ questions/contributions to the discussion. She is very knowledgeable and therefore provides thorough explanations about the language. She is extremely patient with students, helping us with pronunciation and providing other corrections as needed. 

Iye Inaede


Our flexible schedule makes it easy for you to keep up with classes weekly. You also have enough practice time during the week. Check below for the details of the group classes:

Course Duration: 2 Semesters (24 Weeks)

Class Registration: $300

Session Resumption: Friday 14th May, 2021

Class Days: Saturdays 


Extras: Conversation Buddies  

Check below for the details of the personalized class plan:

Course Duration: 20 Weeks

Class Registration: $300

Application Status: Always open

Class Days: Any agreed day/time of the week  

After this course, you can opt to join our Basic-Beginner and Yoruba Intermediate Schools respectively.

Remember! We are willing to take you on this journey for as long as you want….


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