Our Courses

Our self-paced Yoruba courses created by Iya Yoruba and the Alamoja team, are designed to make studying Yoruba language and culture easy, fun, and accessible to everyone, regardless of location, schedule, or learning level. These courses will guide you through all the steps you need to learn Yoruba, from learning your first sentence to mastering more complex words, phrases, and expressions. Practical activities are also incorporated into all lessons. 

All our Yoruba courses are crafted in a way that you have absolute control over what you want to learn. View available courses below:

This Yoruba course gives you an insight into essential things needed to note about the Yorùbá language and equips you with the necessary knowledge helpful in conversing with native speakers at the Introductory level.
Features: Self Introduction, Getting to know people, Exchange of Pleasantries & Others.

This Yoruba course provides you with background knowledge in Yoruba Pronouns and their correct forms of usage.

This Yoruba provides you with the knowledge of how to express yourself in Yoruba in various contexts using the right modalities.

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