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The curriculum was very good. Most of all the facilitator was excellent. She was respectful and very patient with the kids. She also ensured all children were carried along. At the end of each day my children were excited to not only learn more Yoruba but repeat what they have learnt.
Halimat Ige
It was a fantastic school for the children. The children enjoyed the daily home work and the test at the end of the camp. I listened in a few times and I loved the interactive sessions between the children and the teacher.
Nike Adewusi
Ilana enjoyed it so much. She was always excited to engage the material. She now watches nigerian films and displays a genuine interest in the culture. She really gained a lot
Ibukun Omotowa
I Just wanted to that my tutor has been such an amazing teacher! She is really teaching me well. I love her passion and her drive, she always makes me always want to come back. I always look forward to learning with her. I am so grateful that I’ve finally found yoruba lessons that I enjoy. Thanks again
Deborah Oyejobi


Dámilọ́lá Adébọ́nọ̀jọ (Ìyá Yorùbá)

Damilola is a full-time Yoruba language specialist on a mission to raise a Unique generation of Yoruba Speakers, Listeners, Readers and Writers.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Yoruba and Communication Arts and a Masters Degree in Yoruba Literature and Culture from Lagos State University, Nigeria.

She is the author of the amazing Yoruba Resource for every Yoruba learner, “Collection of Yoruba Verbs”.

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