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We provide professional and accurate translations of write-ups of any genre from English to Yorùbá Language and vice-versa.


We tutor people of all age range irrespective of tribe or race on how to speak, read and write perfectly in Yorùbá language. We provide both physical and online classes as Distance is hardly a barrier. Our tutorship ranges from intermediary to expert depending on the proficiency of the student.

Project Management

Let us manage your Yorùbá based Thesis, Researches, Movie Subtitles and other project types. Everything is achievable in Yorùbá Language.

What else we provide?

Global coverage

Our services can be delivered all around the world. Distance is never a barrier to working with us!

Free Consultation

Contact us for professional advices and directives on your projects.

Free Translation

Send in your less than 20 words write-ups for English to Yorùbá Language translation for free!


Who we are

A group of Seasoned and certified Professional Yorùbá Experts who have keen interest in promoting Yorùbá Language. We are;

Movie Subtitling
Project Management


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What People say about our Founder

She ran a summer program for my 2 children aged 14 and 12 in July 2019.

I was extremely impressed with her passion, knowledge and excellent teaching skills,

My son, who has typically struggled with speaking was confident in conversing after a couple of weeks of daily tuition.

I would highly recommend her and would give a 5 star rating.

Funsho O.

Dámilọ́lá is an awesome and caring teacher of the Yoruba language. She is very patient with me and so far, she has taught me alot in the short time we have been working together. I encourage that you choose her as your master teacher.

Dominique Bolarinwa

I've been opportuned to work with Iya Yoruba several times and I always appreciate the experience and knowledge garnered. I have several times recommended her services and her zeal to impact knowledge and tradition to friends, professionals and my boss.

Damilare Oyekanmi

Two lessons down the road, these are the three things I like about her.

1 - She is punctual. She has been arriving 5-15 min early. We are the ones scrambling to meet up.

2 - Flexible. Field trips are not part of her curriculum, but she is willing to fit it in. Asked her to give me feedback daily in a Personal jotter & she is doing that without reminders.

3 - The one I love the MOST. Her English language is on point. Ah..ah...This is the one I duff my hat for her. You cannot translate from one language to the next if you do not properly understand both. Kudos to her..

I look forward to her excelling with this Lesson.

Well done Damilola Adeola Adebonojo

S. Adegbenro

She teaches my daughter. She's very reliable.

Bayo A.
Damilola Adebonojo

Dámilọ́lá Adébọ́nọ̀jọ (Ìyá Yorùbá)

Founder & Content Director

Damilola is a full-time Yoruba language specialist on a mission to raise a Unique generation of Yoruba Speakers, Listeners, Readers and Writers.


Tutor & Virtual Assistant

Romoke is a language and culture enthusiast who is passionate about preserving the Yoruba culture and language