Our Yorùbá Summer Camp is an annual Yoùbá learning event created for the sole purpose of connecting diasporans, especially children, with the Yorùbá Heritage.

As you may know, children of this generation are not enjoying what the indigenous Yorùbá Childhood used to be, and it is a shame that most of them cannot speak or write their mother tongue🤦‍♀️. We launched this annual event in our bid to preserve the Yoruba language and culture and catch them young! And indeed, we have been able to achieve this by being consistent. 

The sessions at the camp will focus on so many areas and aspects of the Yoruba language and culture. With small class sizes, and proficiency-based learning, We  are making it very EASY for everyone to learn Yoruba Language and catch fun even as they stay connected with their roots. 

Our curriculum is developed and taught by certified Yorùbá Language professionals who are not just native speakers. It covers useful conversational phrases, common expressions, cultural lessons, and every essential topic to learn for every Yoruba child.

GOOD NEWS!!! The Yoruba Summer Camp this year is not only for kids, it is open to adults.

The Summer School will have THREE BATCHES and TWO STREAMS; this means your child(ren) can join the June, July, or August batch or all. Each month has two different streams; your children can join us in the morning (11am Nigerian time) or evening (4pm Nigerian time), depending on the best time. Adult classes have flexible time slots; all you have to do is select the best time. 

Here is what some parents think about the previous editions of the Yoruba Summer Camp…

It was a fantastic school for the children. The children enjoyed the daily home work and the test at the end of the camp. I listened in a few times and I loved the interactive sessions between the children and the teacher.

Nike Adewusi


My child enjoyed the sessions and spoke very highly of his tutor. He now attempts to speak Yoruba at every given opportunity and he is keen to continue / extend his knowledge of the language.

Rotimi Ogunnubi


The camp was very engaging and kept the children's interest. The kids wished it lasted more than two weeks.

Sola Owolabi


It was very well organized and had engaging activities. Our son loved the songs using it as an effective way to learn. We would like to expand his learning beyond the camp to start from the basics about the yoruba alphabet.

Patricia Oyetakin


PLEASE NOTE: The summer school runs on weekdays only. We accept children from age 4 and above.


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